Parent Meetings

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Welcome to Beacon Lights Schools, where a robust curriculum nourishes our children to become better Muslims who contribute to society and the community in which they live. Our aspirations of excellence in education and for our children to become more obedient Muslims, stem from our religious ethos and commitment to serving the community of Park Ward and beyond.

Parental Engagement

At Beacon Lights School, we believe it is important to have strong parental engagement where schools and parents listen to each other and work together as this has a positive impact on your child’s attainment and well-being. This is why it is important that we work in partnership. In addition to the scheduled parent coffee mornings, the senior leadership team will be accessible to parents on Tuesday mornings. We want to use this as an opportunity for parental engagement and collaborative working in order to provide the best possible opportunity for your child to succeed at Beacon Lights School. This will also be a platform for us to give you feedback on what we are doing in school to enhance the learning experience and opportunities for all children.

Parent Meetings

The school holds two parent-teacher meetings each academic year in January and July. Pupil performance reports are emailed to parents before each meeting. Bookings for the meetings will become live on this page closer to the time.

Primary & Secondary School parent meetings

The next parent-teacher meetings will take place in July. Further information will be available here.

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