Arabic Programme

At Beacon Lights, we deliver a comprehensive Arabic language
programme where pupils are taught how to read, write and speak
Arabic from the age of 5.

The Arabic language is amongst the early languages which Muslims believe were revealed to Prophet ‘Aadam ﷺ. Currently, it is considered one of the top 6 most spoken languages, with over 315 million native speakers worldwide. It has had a major influence on the advancement of western civilisations over the centuries.

Beacon Lights School is one of the very few schools in the UK that teaches children how to read, write, and speak Arabic from the age of 5. Our Arabic curriculum is taught Monday to Friday and enables children to start their journey to understand the Qur`aan and hadeeth (Prophetic narrations) in the original dialect that was spoken by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, while also bringing many of the benefits of being multilingual. Its eloquence and beauty is world-renowned and it captures the imagination and heart of the one who embarks upon its learning journey.

Our Arabic curriculum focuses on classical Arabic in its purest form as was spoken by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his companions. The poetic and deep meanings behind famous Arabic literature bring much enlightenment to the minds and hearts of those who appreciate its value.

Pupils are placed in levels based upon their Arabic knowledge, and work through the incremental stages of the curriculum. Assessments are set twice a year and progress in Arabic
is reported to parents through the school’s bi-annual reporting cycle in December and July.

The delivery of this curriculum forms the basis upon which our pupils will sit for the Arabic GCSE in key stage 4.

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