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At Beacon Lights, authentic religious knowledge is the cornerstone of all that we do as it underpins our ethos and curriculum design.

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At Beacon Lights Schools, we aspire for our children to become religiously knowledgeable, upright and obedient Muslims who implement their knowledge with sincerity, patience and humility. Our young people excel in their religious and Arabic language studies as well as in the sciences and arts, whilst maintaining a strong Islamic identity, love for their religion and being role models for others in the community. Our staff lead by example by embodying our principles through a strong understanding of our Islamic ethos so as to act as guides for our young people. Our school is a religiously and physically safe environment, ensuring that all children excel and fulfil their potential.

Our Islamic studies programme is a bespoke, meticulously designed curriculum which teaches our young people true Islamic belief, purification & prayers and Islamic manners. Through this, we connect our children back to the teachings of our Prophet ﷺ and his honourable companions.

‘The Islamic Education Series’ (T.I.E.S.) is delivered Monday to Friday and consists of a five-book series, sequenced to provide children with a deep understanding and love for the religion. Each book contains three chapters that deal with Islamic Belief, the Acts of Worship and Islamic Manners. By the end of the series, children are equipped to deal with the many challenges they face in society and conduct themselves as positive role models and advocates of ‘Islaam.



The messenger of ‘Allaah ﷺ taught us the importance of the belief in ‘Allaah (God) over other matters. The section on Belief in T.I.E.S focuses on the correct belief in our Creator who brought everything into existence from a state of nonexistence. It teaches young Muslims the true and authentic knowledge that God does not resemble His creations and that His existence was not preceded by non-existence. It provides more details on belief as the series progresses, in order to teach children in a sequenced manner, the belief of the Muslims in our Creator.

Purification and Prayers

After belief, the greatest obligation is performing the 5 daily prayers. The Islamic Education Series (T.I.E.S) is designed to teach beginners at TIES 1 the acts of purification and prayer so that children understand the importance of the prayer and its performance in the due times. It starts with purification (an important matter in Islaam) and includes ablution and how to cleanse oneself from physical and non-physical impurities. This section subsequently teaches children how to perform the acts of prayer and what to recite in the correct way.


The Islamic Manners

The section on Islamic manners in The Islamic Education Series (T.I.E.S.) teaches our young people what the Prophet ﷺ embodied. From how one treats their parents with dignity and respect, to the rights of the neighbour and the importance of patience and humility. These are just some of the values that we instil in our young people at Beacon Lights School – values that will shape our pupils to become virtuous Muslim citizens in modern Britain.

Daily Collective Worship

Collective worship is conducted at weekly assemblies which focus on improving morals and character, discussing current affairs and guiding pupils on how to deal with recent events. They also study stories of the Prophets, stories of the companions, and short PSHE sessions each morning concerned with the nurturing and development of each pupil.

Prayer times are integrated within the school timetable.

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