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At Beacon Lights, we provide a quality all-through experience for your child.

We deliver a well-sequenced and rich curriculum to pupils from the age of 5 to 16 which allows us to prepare our children for tertiary education and beyond.

Our approach not only benefits their learning, but their personal wellbeing too. An all-through school experience is also highly beneficial for learning in the classroom. We get to know your child’s background very well – both academic and personal – and are therefore able to cater for their specific needs and learning style.

Each child is encouraged to reach their full potential and is provided with consistent support throughout their schooling, allowing them to truly flourish in all areas.



At Beacon Lights, our curriculum focuses on traditional learning with emphasis on intellectual study.



At secondary level, traditional academic subjects are at the core of the curriculum.

Islamic Education

Our comprehensive Islamic studies programme aims to nurture young Muslims to be pious and obedient creatures of God.


Arabic Programme

Beacon Lights School is one of the very few schools in the UK that teaches children how to read, write, and speak Arabic from the age of 5.

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