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We intend for Careers Education Information Advise and Guidance (CEIAG) to be high on the agenda at Beacon Lights School and now, more than ever, our students need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle a challenging and fast moving world of work.

For upcoming events, please refer to the School Calendar. You can find our Careers Policy on our policies page.

Need help with finding Work Experience? Check out our dedicated Work Experience page.

Career Events

A number of events are held/attended throughout the academic year, to help our pupils gain an understanding of potential future careers. You can find details of some past events below.

Professionals Fair – 17 May 2023

Several professionals were invited to showcase their skills and careers to the children.

“Get Organised” visit – 11th October 2022

The years 10s and 11s were taken from school to the Shay Stadium in the afternoon. They had access to all the providers of Post-16 education in Calderdale. The children had a brochure from school to fill in, ensuring they visit all the stands and take information on various providers.

Careers advisor visit – 3rd October 2022

C and K Careers sent our dedicated Careers adviser to speak to the children. Our Year 11s had a full one-to-one interview with the adviser, allowing them to discuss their options after GCSEs. This helped them structure their thinking and take action. All the other year groups had sessions with the adviser, on “Future Choices” and “Making careers choices”. 

Post-16 Options Fair – 30th March 2022

Beacon Lights School invited several post-16 education providers to talk about their offers : Calderdale College, Huddersfield New College, Greenhead College, as well as some local universities : Bradford University, Leeds Becketts University and Huddersfield University. The feedback from the presenters and from the children was very positive. There were also presentations such as “Why go to University?”, “What is Student Life like?”, which really broke down all aspects of Uni Life for our pupils.

Apprenticeship Fair – 24 March 2022

This event at Shay Stadium allowed the children to learn about the various types of apprenticeships : from Level 2 to degree apprenticeships. It allowed the children to explore other avenues when looking at what to do after GCSEs or after A-Levels.

Professionals Day – 16 February 2022

Beacon Lights School invited several professionals to showcase their skills and careers to the children : a primary qualified teacher, a secondary qualified teacher, a chartered accountant, a police officer, a social worker, a web developer, a pharmacist, a nurse, an optometrist, a general practitioner, a psychologist and others.

Careers Advisor Visit – 15 December 2021

At that stage the school had been opened for less than a year and did not have KS4 classes. Contact has been established  with Calderdale & Kirklees Careers  Service, to provide us with a dedicated Careers advisor who delivered three sessions on that morning to the Year 7s, Year 8s and Year 9s. The children enjoyed having time to discuss what they enjoy doing, what they are good at, and looking into various careers options.

Employer Engagement/Contact

If employers are willing to get involved in our Career Activities and are able to offer any help, please get in touch by email at info@beaconschools.org.uk, or contact our Careers Lead, Dr Nahouza, via email at careers@beaconschools.org.uk.

Useful Links

Click on any of the links below for more information. Please note that Beacon Lights School is not responsible for the content of external website links.

C&K Careers Centres in Calderdale and Kirklees

This is a service which has been set up for students/young people/parents/carers whereby they can phone to speak to a Careers Adviser or email them with any queries. Find out more on their website.


Apprenticeships are a great option for getting on the job ladder and earning a wage while you train. 
The following site has information about apprenticeships with live vacancies available.


A good start for planning ahead for University and Higher Education. Easy to use website with links universities for further in-depth information. 

Which? A-Level Explorer

Try out their new A-Level explorer tool. 

National Careers Website

This site contains hundreds of different job profiles, each with further links to explore and labour market information for each role and sector.


Useful information on tuition fees and student finance


Once registered (for free), build your profile by identifying which skills and qualities you are strongest in, these are then “matched” to jobs you maybe suited to in the future. Delve deeper into the information to find out how many opportunities there maybe locally, what other jobs are similar and actual job openings.

Future Talent

Sign up to keep you up to date with information on the latest apprenticeships, school leaver programmes, courses and training that suit your interests, qualifications and needs.


Explore different roles and search by subject areas to find out where your choices could take you. Complete the personality quiz called “the buzz quiz” to see if your personality is a good fit with different occupations. This is useful for some students but not the only way to decide on your future choices.

Careers Theories

Useful for finding out why your ideas and choices will change over time. Different ideas for teachers, parents and students who like to know a little more.

Will a robot take your job?

A quiz written by Oxford University and Deloitte exploring which jobs may be taken over by technology in the future.


This app enables you to find companies and jobs that you are interested in specific to the area that you live in or wish to work in. The app works on both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded.

Speakers for Schools

Aiming to end educational inequality by giving all young people access to the same prestigious networks available to the top fee-paying schools in the UK.


Use the Careerometer widget below to see information about particular careers, such as average pay, and future job market predictions.

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