About Us

The Beacon Lights Schools are being setup to serve the needs of children aged 5 to 16:

  • A mixed primary school
  • A Girls’ Secondary
  • A Boys’ Secondary

The founding members are individuals from various background social and ethnic backgrounds primarily based in the borough of Calderdale. The group has a broadly even number of men and women. In recognition of the social problems within our community, we supplement the efforts of parents and educators to support our children’s educational success. Our schools will provide a safe, stimulating and caring environment for all children independent of their social, cultural and religious heritage. We believe it is important to support the educational, social and health needs of all children. Therefore we offer a holistic program of education within a Sunniyy Islamic ethos to ensure that every child can not only fulfil their potential but actively contribute to the betterment of our communities living in modern democratic Britain.

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